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Plant the Seeds of Your Success

I've got green fingers. Watching plants grow into something that will eventually have a purpose and function to me is quite satisfying. It only takes a small amount of time and money to get it established and then it grows into this productive source of happiness and income (hopefully!).

Why is the marketing strategy the root of business success?

I often ask myself why so many companies do not invest in getting the fundamental ingredients for launching a new brand correct? You wouldn't plant a tree without dirt and you certainly shouldn't develop a brand without a strategy! Strategic planning is the framework for business success- BEFORE branding (or rebranding for that matter) AND website development.

I get that start-up businesses, NFP organisations work on a tight budget and resources. Digital marketing has and is changing the business world we operate in. Free and often unlimited access to resources, and the ability to create our own website has to be a threat to companies seeking and developing such resources. But what will never change is the need to have a strategic framework to future proof your business. The strategy will form the framework for every aspect of the redevelopment process thereafter. You may find once you have gone through the strategic planning process, the objectives, aim and vision may be slightly different. The branding and website is a visual consolidation of your strategic planning.

Understanding what your business represents, who your existing and potential customers are and where you want your business to be in 3 -5 years time, is fundamental to generating a strategic blueprint for success. It can be an exhaustive process -researching, data analysis and more analysis, but without putting the hard work in analysing the business, time and money can be wasted developing a strong brand identity that doesn’t reflect the core values of the business.

And whilst we're on the subject of developing a strong brand identity.... It IS vital to any business- it’s the heart of your business and one of your most valuable assets. It sets you apart from your competitor and provides a connection to current customers and if managed accordingly, attracts new ones. But the harsh reality is the most businesses think that a brand refresh or rebrand involves a simple change of the logo, new tagline and introducing new channels to communicate more effectively and promptly to customers, and then are disappointed when the ROI isn’t what they had banked on.

The website is the backbone of your online presence. Every piece of content, advertisement and every type of communication that you post online will and should drive traffic back to your website. The website should be the visual/online consolidation of your strategy.

So think about what your business objectives are and then, and only then, consider branding/rebranding before your embark on developing a new website.

Good luck! #websitestrategy #businessplan #marketingstrategy #branddevelopment #businessstrategy #branding

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